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Alcohol and Other Drug Studies Program

Sovereign Institute’s Alcohol and Other Drug Studies program provides students with the comprehensive course work and training needed to succeed in one of the most challenging and demanding careers in the healthcare field. This program provides the required education, knowledge, training and skills needed to be effective in the treatment of alcohol and other drug dependence and abuse.

The program’s goal is to provide the alcohol and drug treatment field with knowledgeable and skilled professionals to meet the growing demand for certified counselors. Upon completion of this program, the student will receive a certificate of completion and an official transcript. The competency-based educational program meets certification standards of the California Consortium of Addiction Programs and Professionals (CCAPP) for certification.

The Alcohol and Other Drug Studies Program at Sovereign Institute consists of 315 hours of classroom instruction divided into seven 45-hours educational modules. These modules cover a wide range of content necessary to be successful in the treatment of chemical dependence and addiction. Additionally, the program requires 255 hours of supervised internship experience in a treatment setting, which can be performed at a Sovereign Health facility or an approved provider.

Continuing Professional Education Program

Sovereign Institute is proud to offer Continuing Education Programs that provide an opportunity for professionals in the behavioral health and related fields to further their learning in a variety of topics. These hour-long educational courses cover a variety of mental and behavioral health topics. Each one features an expert sharing his or her expertise to broaden the knowledge base of other professionals. Sovereign Institute provides regular access to advanced, interdisciplinary knowledge and the latest techniques for treatment.

Continuing professional education consists of classes, lectures, presentations, conferences and similar events that impart new knowledge within a discipline or across disciplines to participants. The field of behavioral health constantly changes as new research comes to light and new treatment options are discovered. Therefore, it is essential for anyone working within the behavioral health industry and associated fields to remain well-informed through various continuing educations in mental health courses, like those offered at Sovereign Institute.